What Should I Wear?

Spine and Sternum tattoos

Wearing a button down or a zip up hoodie is best for me to access these areas without having to fight against bra straps or shirts. You can wear this to the appointment or bring it with you change in our bathroom! For sternum tattoos, I do have pasties at the shop for you.

Leg tattoos

I would definitely recommend wearing shorts if we’re doing an upper leg tattoo but loose pants are totally fine if we’re doing below the knee area! As long as I have easy access to the area you’d like the tattoo in. If you wear a skirt or dress, you may want to wear shorts underneath as your leg may be in awkward positions during the tattoo process. If you’re getting an ankle or foot tattoo, I recommend wearing flip flops or sandals so you don’t have socks and shoes rubbing against your fresh tattoo.

Arm tattoos

I recommend wearing some variation of a tank top especially if we’re working on your upper arm (shoulder, inner bicep, etc). However, a t-shirt works great too! I wouldn’t recommend wearing white or something you are worried about getting ink on. I do my best to keep it off of your clothes but occasionally ink droplets get on clothing and it will stain.

Chest and Rib tattoos

Bralettes and bathing suits tend to be the best things to wear when getting these areas tattooed. I recommend wearing a loose t-shirt on top so we can easily access the area you wish to get tattooed. If you wear a sports bra, it may be difficult to access the area and you may be asked to wear pasties so I can reach the area well.

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