If you have any questions that were not answered below, please reach out to me directly via email with questions!

What should I bring to my appointment?

You must bring a government issued ID. This can be a drivers license or a passport. You may not get tattooed without your ID. It is also smart to bring some water, gatorade, etc and snack with you if your appointment is on the longer side. Please be sure to eat before you arrive for your appointment.

Will I see my design before I show up?

Sierra does not send out designs before your appointment. She will have the design drawn up when you come in and small changes can be made to the design from there. Since there are many situations where people don’t show up for their appointments and change their minds, Sierra doesn’t send out her artwork beforehand. Thanks for understanding!

Should I show up early?

It’s never a bad idea to show up a little early as it can be hard to find parking in downtown Saint Augustine, especially on weekends. You will also need to fill out some paperwork before we get started so it doesn’t hurt to get here early!

Does Sierra do color?

Sierra is currently only working in black and does not do color. If you are looking for a color artist, there are some great color artists that also work at Ink and Barley and she would be happy to recommend you someone to work with.

What types of payment do you accept?

Sierra is currently accepting Zelle and cash for payments.

What tattoo shop are you at and does Sierra tattoo minors?

Sierra is located at Ink & Barley in Uptown Saint Augustine, FL. Sierra does not tattoo minors even with a parental consent form. Sierra only tattoos people 18+.

Can I swim with a fresh tattoo?

No, you need to let your tattoo heal for 2-3 weeks before submerging it in water. This means no hot tub, pool, ocean, bath, etc. Showering is fine.

Should I keep my tattoo out of the sun?

Yes, definitely keep your tattoo away from the sun while it’s healing. Once it’s fully healed, you should apply sunscreen on your tattoo to prevent sun damage and fading.

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